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We saved with our technology about

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metric tons of CO2 wordwide since 1998!

Biogas pioneer since 1998. As a provider of biogas plants, we understand biogas technology in its entirety: The optimal interaction of individual processes determines the economic success of your biogas plant. The competence in engineering, approval, plant construction, technical plant service and CHP service as well as our in-house laboratory for biological service and process optimisation make PlanET a special brand for biogas and biogas technology.


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Many possibilities that benefit you and the environment.

  • Biogas

    Biogas can be used for heat generation in a renewable way.

  • Renewable Natural Gas / Biomethane

    With RNG / Biomethan, you can generate fuel or send it in a gas grid.

  • Electricity & Heat

    You can generate renewable electricity & heat. It can be important, to stay independent.

  • Organic Waste

    Everywhere around the world you find organic waste. Think about it to generate this to renewable energy.

  • Slurry & Manure

    In agriculture you have a big potential to generate renewable energy with your substrate.

From design to service, we are your partner.


Complete system design to fit customer’s needs.


We take care of the complete construction phase and coordination.


Our expert consultants will provide solutions to optimize your plant efficiency and production.


Our customers are our priority.

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The international PlanET Biogas Group is one of the leading providers of engineering , plant construction, repowering, and service.

A team of 200 skilled professional are employed by PlanET Biogas Group, working at the company headquarters in Germany, in France, USA and Canada. PlanET has successfully implemented over 500 biogas plants worldwide with output ranging from 40 kW to several MW.

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