We are the leader in biogas solutions worldwide.

As biogas pioneers since 1998 and provider of biogas plants, we understand all asects of biogas technology. The economic success of your plant relies on the optimized interaction of the individual processes. Our experience and competence in engineering, approval processes, plant construction, technical service, CHP service and biological service make PlanET your best choice or all of your biogas plant needs.


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Complete system design to fit customer´s needs.


PlanET Biogas Group will accompany you from the beginning. Every PlanET biogas plant is designed in close coordination with the building owner. A site visit, technical and biological assesment, the pre-engineering (e.g. relevant drawings for the permit process) and the consulting during local meetings with suppliers such as concrete construction companies are part of the planning phase. A dedicated PlanET project team will determine land area required, assess the quality and type of substrates and decide your process flow. Potential benefit from existing resources on site are always considered planning.



We take care of the complete construction phase and coordination.

As soon as the financing has been secured and permits have been granted, nothing stands in the way of construction. An experienced project manager will be your contact during the construction phase and will coordinate the entire project up to commissioning. For operational and legal security, PlanET offers comprehensive documentation on all phases of construction.


Our expert consultants will provide solutions to optimize your plant efficiency and production.


PlanET RePowering offers many advantages: Our expert consultants analyse your feedstock, existing technology and all components to provide recommendations to improve your plants efficiency and output quality. Our customers benefit from our 21 years of industry expertise in providing solutions to reduce your plant costs and grow your profitability.



Our customer are our priority.

Service is an important component of biogas plants. This requires both technical service and biological service. We support you in all areas in order to make the biogas plant as cost-efficient as possible. If you have a question about a biogas plant or would like a local contact for your service, simply send us an e-mail or give us a call!

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We are wholeheartedly committed to your success.

We are here to support you in your opperations and future planning with a commitment to protect the environment and advance biogas technology.