PlanET Vario
The insertion technique with 100% customer confidence

PlanET Vario allows chopped renewable resources, solid manure, food residues and solid co-ferments to be injected directly into the fermenter. The system is highly modular: the hopper capacity ranges from 11 to 120 m³ and can be expanded as required. Thanks to the Vario insertion technology, the system is energy-efficient and wear-resistant. The stainless steel feed belts are individually driven and equipped with side flaps so that the substrates are conveyed efficiently. A disentangling screw is mounted on the front of the box. The substrate is conveyed to the auger ensuring a good filling level. Our “Plus” package for a high proportion of grass and manure has a second disentangling screw and guarantees a smooth insertion of 100% grass and manure.

The outstanding results of our customer satisfaction surveys with a 100% probability of purchase of the PlanET Vario feeding system allow PlanET to offer a five-year guarantee on the PlanET Vario feeding belts.

Advantages of PlanET Vario:

  • All stainless steel and plastic substrate contact feed system
  • Basic model in stainless steel, optional all models in stainless steel
  • Safe and sustainable investment - Extendable and adjustable thanks to modular design
  • Reliability thanks to simple and durable components
  • Easy maintenance, can be disconnected individually
  • Low energy consumption, depending on the model, less than 0.6 kWh/t (including control and power supply systems)

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