Electricity & Heat
You can generate renewable electricity & heat. It can be important, to stay independent.

Electricity & Heat are needed everywhere. Produce your own independent source.

Our solution gives you the opportunity to generate renewable electricity and heat. Both can be used on your own premises or sold to another company. Additionally there is the possibility to feed the electricity into an existing grid and earn money.

Your advantages!

  • Generation of renewable electricity

    through the use of existing substrates.

  • Generation of renewable heat

    Produce heat for personal use.

  • Business growth

    without additional space.

  • Reduction of emissions

    in the local area.

  • Create new revenue

    through the sale of renewable electricity and heat.

  • Remain independent

    of energy prices and availability through self-generation.

Our PlanET technology!

  • Optimize Worktime and Workflow

    for a smooth process and operation.

  • Many years of experience

    in plant construction and exclusive use of high-quality components.

  • Solutions for various substrates

    for the generation of renewable energies such as electricity, heat and biomethane.

  • Common contact

    for engineering, design and service.

  • Biological service

    with own laboratory and years of experience.

  • High quality process control

    with named brands worldwide.

  • Understandable potential analysis

    with evaluation of own substrates and performance.

Use renewable energy to build a green world!

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Tailored to customer needs

Our concrete fermenters are characterised by high durability and longevity. The advantage of these plants is that they can be adapted to any situation. All parameters are recorded before planning begins and a system developed in-house is designed and adjusted to your requirements. Due to our own engineering, many substrates can be used to produce more biogas. 

Calculate how much biogas you can produce with your substrate?

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