Gas storage
PlanET Flexstore: Gas storage for the energy of tomorrow

The biogas collector is the central element in the demand-responsive production of electricity. The flexible production of electricity with one or more combined heat and power modules requires in particular variable volume flows despite constant biogas production. For this reason it is necessary to use gas collectors with variable storage levels in order to participate in the electricity balancing market. PlanET offers operators two modern technical solutions: PlanET Flexstore XL or PlanET FlexStore XXL. These double membrane collectors cover your fermenter or fermentation tank hermetically and in compliance with the strictest safety standards. For existing installations that do not plan any increase in slurry storage, PlanET offers the PlanET eco® gasakku collector. This gas collector installed on the ground floor ensures a gas valorisation oriented towards financial gains thanks to an additional storage volume.

The PlanET Flexstore biogas collector has one of the largest storage volumes on the market. The special shape of the dome has been designed to increase volumes but also to fit perfectly into the landscape. Its shape is not the only advantage: the membrane material is designed to be weatherproof and reliable against odour emissions thanks to a new innovative sealing system, which is also easy to maintain.

The advantages: