A single product for storing, dosing and mixing substrates...

…PlanET BIGMix is the ideal insertion technique for you! PlanET BIGMix ensures easy and energy-saving transport of sticky and long-fibre substrates such as manure or finely ground solids. The moving floor technology consists of 12 stainless steel push bars, individually driven by a hydraulic system, which transport the material to the mixing and dosing area where the substrate is decompressed, crushed and mixed by means of a vertical stainless steel mixing screw installed at the front. The substrate is fed into the fermentation pit by means of a feed screw system, which is available in several variants and can also be combined with the introduction of liquid materials.

The control cabinet for the electric motors, the mixing screw and the ultrasonic sensors are included in the basic model. PlanET BIGMix is the right product when the material is to be mixed directly in the storage and dosing system.

Advantages of PlanET BIGMix: