PlanET PreMix
A high-performance insertion technique

Our PlanET PreMIX system is a high-performance insertion technique that combines several important steps in the feeding process into one system. Pumpable co-ferments, such as e.g. food leftovers in the form of slurry, slurry or large volumes of dry substrates such as straw or energy plants, are reliably processed and fed into the fermentation process. The advantage of our compact and energy-saving module is that it combines the following steps of the feeding process into one system:
– Automatic dosing and insertion of liquid and solid substrates
– Removal of foreign bodies before the pump unit
– Mixture of liquid and solid phase to form a homogeneous suspension free of disturbing elements and foreign bodies
– Grinding and decomposition of long-fibre substrates
– Transport of the prepared substrate to as many fermenters as desired by means of a high-performance pump (possibility of later expansion of the plant capacity)

PlanET PreMIX is the ideal solution for installations that use very heterogeneous substrates or for installation projects where a change of substrates and/or an expansion of capacity to accommodate new substrates is planned. It can be integrated as a compact element into existing systems.

The advantages at a glance: