Sugarcane Waste
Producing renewable energy from waste of the sugar industry.

Biogas production from sugarcane waste

PlanET offers state of the art anaerobic digestion (AD) technology with expertise in the biogas production from sugarcane waste.

Your advantages!

  • Convert

    your sugarcane waste into energy

  • Generate

    a nutrient-rich fertilizer

  • Increase

    your revenue

  • Reduce

    your waste disposal costs

  • Mitigate

    the CO2 footprint

Our PlanET technology!

  • Sugarcane waste

    converted efficiently into energy

  • Combining stirred digesters

    with covered lagoons provides a lucrative cost-benefit solution for the treatment of sugarcane waste and for the biogas production during the whole year

  • In the compact module,

    co-digestion of filter cake and bagasse is more profitable than the mono-digestion of filter cake

  • During the on-season,

    additional biogas can be burned in boilers for heat generation

Biogas production from sugarcane waste

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