PlanET Collaborates to expand Digester Infrastructure with 12 New Plants across the US in 12 Months

July 8, 2024

New York, United States. PlanET Biogas USA Inc. has reached a record number of plant completions in a 12-month period having completed 12 projects across the United States over the last year. All 12 projects utilize PlanET’s best in class Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology and 10 of those plants also feature PlanET STATERON RNG Upgrading Technology.

These projects provide vital environmental, economic, and sustainability benefits as they capture and reduce greenhouse gases by more effectively managing manure while creating additional revenue streams for rural communities.

Leveraging its trained and dedicated staff of nearly 60 in North America, PlanET not only provides world class digester and RNG technology, but also assists with the project through its development by offering full engineering services along with permitting, construction and commissioning support for its clients. PlanET also delivers ongoing operational services that include biological laboratory testing, preventative and scheduled maintenance, continuous operator training & support, and other on-site technical services as required.

“We take great pride in every plant we bring online and are thrilled with the progress we have made, together with our various clients, to bring these 12 plants to fruition over the last 12 months” said Derek Hundert, President of PlanET Biogas USA Inc.

Currently in North America, PlanET has a total of 33 facilities operating with PlanET digesters, 23 of which are AD to RNG plants.

About PlanET Biogas
Servicing North America since 2006, PlanET Biogas (PlanET) is a pioneer in the agriculture & organics Anaerobic Digestion (AD), and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) sectors. PlanET’s expertise lies in designing and supplying proven, and reliable technology tailored to our client’s needs. The company delivers comprehensive solutions, including full pit-to-pipeline engineering and best-in-class AD and RNG technology along with onsite technical support, biological and commissioning services. PlanET has designed, constructed and serviced 650+ AD systems including 90+ AD to RNG plants worldwide.