Biological Service

Careful analyses for maximum gas production

Identifying and eliminating disruptive factors at an early stage


Targeted optimisation of biological processes

We ensure maximum yield from your biogas plant. Careful monitoring and analysis by our biological service enables you to detect potential disruptive factors at an early stage – for high gas production.

The biology in your fermenter is crucial for biogas production. Even a slight mineral deficiency can result in a greatly reduced gas output – due to reduced substrate utilisation, an increase in VOA values or a deterioration in the flowability of the fermenter contents, for example. With regular analyses by PlanET, you can identify and eliminate potential weak points at an early stage. For this purpose, you send us substrate samples from your plant according to our sampling plan tailored to your plant. These will be analysed immediately after arrival in our laboratory. Based on the results, we suggest individual optimisation measures and support you in their implementation.


Focus on profitability and efficiency

We support you with our biological service right from the start. Thanks to the many years of know-how of our experts and our own biological laboratory, we find the best possible solution for every challenge. The focus is always on the profitability and efficiency of your plant.

Biological service:
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