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Passion for Biogas

PlanET  is a pioneer in the North American agriculture and organics anaerobic digestion (AD), Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) sectors.

With experience in an array of digester feedstock including manure, agricultural residuals, food waste, organic waste, deadstock, slaughterhouse waste and ethanol stillage, PlanET is a company you can trust to foster growth in collaboration with developers across North America.

We are deeply committed to sustainability and rank among the leading AD & Biogas Plant builders in the world with the design, construction and servicing of 700+ AD systems and 90+ AD to RNG Plants worldwide.

15+ Years of Experience

A trailblazer in the North American market for biogas production.

Engineering Design and Technology Provider

Integrating the extensive global expertise acquired from 700+ reference biogas plants into your project.

Biological Services

Providing accurate and reliable information to make timely adjustments for optimal biogas production.


Dedicated to advancing biogas as a sustainable source of renewable energy.

Backed by global experience you can trust

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Working together for a Sustainable future

Our commitment to climate protection has deep roots: As far back as 1998, our founders, Jörg Meyer zu Strohe and Hendrik Becker, firmly embedded sustainability in our company’s philosophy. Together with our third shareholder and CFO, Roland Becker, we work with passion and purpose every day to sustainably advance  the use of biogas to safeguard our climate.

Total Global metric tons of CO2 emissions reduced by PlanET technology since 1998:

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