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With three strategically situated sites across North America, 700+ biogas plants and 90+ AD to RNG plants globally, we are a leading provider of biogas technology, ready to collaborate with you today.

PlanET Biogas USA Inc.

PlanET Biogas USA Inc. is headquartered in Depew, New York and has more than 30 employees working across the US. The company is a subsidiary of PlanET Biogas Group and works to advance renewable energy throughout the United States by providing Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) technology to our clients.

New York

PlanET Biogas USA Inc.

A second PlanET Biogas USA Inc. location was opened in 2023 in Lucerne, Colorado. This location functions as a service hub in the Midwest. Equipped with a laboratory, our site also offers biological services and testing for all of North America along with consultation services for operators to achieve optimal biogas production when working with Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) technology.


PlanET Biogas Solutions Inc.

PlanET Biogas Solutions Inc.has more than 25 employees and is the Canadian subsidiary of the PlanET Biogas Group. Longstanding in St. Catharines since 2006, the company was a pioneer in the North American agriculture and organics Anerobic Digestion (AD), Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) sectors at the time and continues to grow the market in collaboration with developers across North America.


Other offices around the world

Gescher Location - PlanET Headquarters

PlanET Biogas Group, PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH

PlanET and the Münsterland region are inextricably linked: In 1998, PlanET was founded inVreden – in 2021, the headquarters of PlanET Biogas Group were opened on the energy campus in Gescher. A modern, inspiring working environment, sustainability and energy efficiency played a decisive role in the construction of the company headquarters. This is the central site of sales, manufacturing, development, research and administration areas of PlanET Biogas Group.

Biological service and research

The field of activity of the biological service includes customer support around a stable fermentation process. In addition to a biological laboratory in which substrate samples are analysed, research is carried out on new substrates. For this, gas yield, methane content and mixing ratios are determined in test digesters.

Gescher-Hochmoor Location – PlanET Technical and Plant Optimization Service Centre

PlanET Service Solution GmbH

The Gescher-Hochmoor site is the first point of contact for customers and partners in Germany for matters regarding technical service and plant optimisation. The service area of the site covers the entire federal territory.

PlanET Academy

The goal of the PlanET Academy is to build up knowledge in a compact and guided manner. At PlanET, every employee should have the opportunity to contribute their own personality and be encouraged as such – in an appreciative environment that puts talent and performance in the foreground. For this, employees receive on-site training at the Gescher-Hochmoor location or via digital solutions.

Liffré / France

Biogaz PlanET France

The Liffré office in France has more than 65 employees and is the first point of contact in France for matters regarding feasibility studies, planning, approval, construction, expansion and service of biogas plants as well as all aspects of biomethane and CO2 liquefaction.

Florianópolis / Brazil

PlanET Biogás Brasil Ltd.

The Florianópolis office was founded in 2022 with the goal of promoting the renewable energy biogas in Brazil in a sustainable way to protect the climate.