Biological Distinction

Quality Biogas Through Quality Testing

Balanced and healthy digester biology means optimal biogas production and the avoidance of costly troubleshooting efforts. In addition to biogas optimization, regular testing of digester health helps avoid major biological upsets from overfeeding, temperature changes, chemical imbalances, and other common process disruptions.

PlanET’s Biological Service provides actionable digester insights when you need them. Our biological laboratory and consultation service is designed for fast turnaround time and high-accuracy results, providing the information required to make timely adjustments for optimal biogas production and operational confidence.

Analysis & Monitoring

Transforming Biogas with Biological Excellence

Our testing program is designed for continuous, timely monitoring and effective operational guidance.

Tested parameters include:


H2S Reduction with MicroNOX ON16

MicroNOX is an iron-rich powder which is exclusively distributed by PlanET in North America. MicroNOX reduces H2S levels in digestate and biogas, similar to ferric chloride but without the corrosivity or additional expense. What’s more, it’s safer to handle and easier to use! MicroNOX does not require special storage or training for handling. It can be delivered via small, easy-to-apply bags or 1-ton super sacks, depending on which option is more useful for your application.

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Biological Quality

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