In tank desulfurization

MicroNOX ON16
Dosing Calculator

The addition of MicroNOX ON16 post-commissioning can be calculated based on a nominal rate of 1 bag for every 24,000 gallons per day of manure. The estimated dosage is for the average digester and may need to be adjusted depending on manure sulfer concentrations and residual H2S levels in the digester. Use this calculator to provide a quick and easy way to determine approximately how much MicroNOX ON16 you should be adding in the digester for in tank desulfurization. Once calculated, contact us to review your operational requirements so we can work with you to start integrating MicroNox ON16 into your system.

Estimated gallons of fresh manure added per day

Note: This is an estimated nominal value calculation for normal manure. Calculations for co-digestion or food waste will require a more involved calculation. Please contact us today for assistance.