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Harnessing Renewable Energy from Manure and Agriculture

PlanET provides biogas technology solutions and services for manure and agricultural residuals and wastes. Our solutions supply a reliable source of Renewable Energy 24/7 from dependable Biogas Plants with 95-99% uptime. Even in the absence of sunlight or wind, Biogas Plants consistently generate Renewable Energy.

Biogas pioneers since 1998, PlanET is a leader in the North American agriculture biogas sector. We rank among the leading biogas technology providers worldwide and the statistics paint a clear picture of our experience and reach:

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Biogas Plants in operation worldwide,
including 90+ AD to RNG plants
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Years of Experience, established in 1998 and serving the North American Market since 2006

PlanET designs and provides customized solutions for your feedstock. Manure from livestock, such as cows, pigs, and poultry, slaughterhouse waste or crop residues can yield green renewable energy. Once feedstock analysis is complete, PlanET plans, executes and delivers the anaerobic digestion and biogas utilization (CHP & RNG) technology to keep your business sustainable long term. We can also assist with approvals and provide a variety of services to ensure your Biogas Plant is operating for decades to come.

In addition to producing renewable energy, the process of Anaerobic Digestion also produces digestate, which is the leftover material after biogas production. This nutrient-rich slurry is usually separated into a solid and liquid and is used as a fertilizer for crops to recycle nutrients back to the soil, further enhancing the sustainability of the process.

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Anaerobic Digestion in the agricultural sector has several proven advantages.
These include:

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