CHP System

Biogas Powered Electricity and Heat

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, also known as cogeneration systems, are designed to simultaneously generate electricity and heat from a single energy source.

Biogas generated from PlanET Anaerobic Digesters can be used as fuel in a CHP Unit which PlanET can include in our technology offerings. This system includes a generator to produce electricity and a heat recovery unit to capture and utilize the heat produced during the generation of electricity. The heat is captured and utilized for various purposes, such as providing heat to the digesters, buildings or other onsite industrial processes.

Using CHP in Anaerobic Digestion facilities enhances overall energy efficiency. By capturing and using the heat that would otherwise be wasted in a conventional power generation system, CHP systems can achieve higher overall energy utilization, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease carbon intensity (CI) of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) produced at the same Biogas Plant.


How does CHP work at a Biogas Plant?

This integrated approach makes Anaerobic Digestion facilities more sustainable and economically viable by maximizing the use of the energy content in the biogas.

Trusted Expertise

Integrating a CHP system with a PlanET biogas plant offers several advantages: