Organic Recovery

Harvesting Clean Energy from Food Waste

PlanET offers technology and expertise to design solutions for food waste recovery projects to ensure high organics recovery and maximum biogas yield in digester plants.

Our experience enables us to assess the collection and packaging methods for food waste, identify potential contaminants and consider the required de-packaging or pre-treatment options. We collaborate with trusted partners to integrate a “fit for purpose” pre-processing system into our comprehensive solution. The result is a digestible, pumpable slurry for Anaerobic Digestion and Nutrient Recovery.

We are a top biogas technology provider worldwide, leading the way in organics recovery facilities with:

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Biogas Plants in operation worldwide,
including 90+ AD to RNG plants
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Years of Experience, established in 1998 and serving the North American Market since 2006
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North American Biogas Plants
utilizing Food Waste

Biogas production from food waste feedstock is a sustainable and environmentally friendly process that not only generates Renewable Energy but also helps manage and recycle organic waste, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal. Additionally, the digestate, a by-product produced after the Anaerobic Digestion process is used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer that has the potential to serve as a fertilizer abundant in nutrients, further encouraging the eco-friendliness of the operation.

Renewable Energy can be generated from pre- and post-consumer food waste sources including on and off farm organics, fruits and vegetables, bakery residuals, dairy products and by-products, slaughterhouse materials, beverages, and Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG). PlanET designs, supplies and integrates de-packaging, digestion, nutrient recovery, CHP & RNG technology.

Aside from generating Renewable Energy, Anaerobic Digestion yields digestate, the residual material post-biogas production. This nutrient-dense mixture, typically separated into solid and liquid components, serves as a fertilizer for crops, reintroducing nutrients back into the soil.

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