Membrane Separation Technology


Membrane separation is a proven technique that leverages semi-permeable membranes to selectively separate gas components based on their molecular size and permeability. We use a 3-stage membrane arrangement. This process takes advantage of the fact that carbon dioxide (CO2) can readily penetrate through the membrane, while methane (CH4) does not, allowing for the efficient removal and separation of CO2. By employing membrane separation, the gas can be upgraded to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) by eliminating CO2 and enhancing the methane content.

Our packaged 3-Stage Membrane System uses several thousand hollow-fibre membrane modules bundled in a stainless steel tube. These hollow fibres are composed of polymer material which selectively separate CO2 and CH4 contained in the biogas stream. This gas separation procedure operates at room temperature, so no external heat source is required.
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