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What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion is a process where bacteria break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen.

An Anaerobic Digester is a system made up of airtight tanks that mix and heat organic material resulting in two useful products – biogas, and digestate. These products provide renewable sources of energy and nutrient recovery to the local community and farmers’ fields.

Exploring PlanET Anaerobic Digestors with Dicklands Biogas

This video features Dicklands Biogas, a facility in British Columbia, CA commissioned in 2023. It utilizes PlanET Anaerobic Digestion and RNG Upgrader technology to process dairy & chicken manure along with packaged food waste. It has an annual RNG production capacity of ~210,000 MMBTUs (~220,000 GJs).

This video is provided courtesy of the Canadian Biogas Association – Welcome | Canadian Biogas Association

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Steel and Concrete

Anaerobic Digester Options

At PlanET we offer digesters constructed of  two kinds of material, steel and concrete.

Our Continuously Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) Anaerobic Digesters are reliable with a proven design based on 25+ years in the industry and hundreds of completed plants world-wide. Our innovative systems make us one of the most trusted, efficient and renowned technology providers in North America.

It is our goal to ensure all designs are tailored to meet the needs of the operators while at the same time using standardized PlanET Digester configurations and designs to increase scalability, compress project timelines and reduce CAPEX.

Our modular and scalable digesters make meeting project deadlines easy!

Ad­van­tages of PlanET Steel Diges­ters

Advan­tages of PlanET Concrete Diges­ters

Heaters and Mixers

In addition to modular tank design, PlanET provides options for efficient in-tank heating and mixing to ensure stable digester operation.

Heating Options

Mixers Options

Other Components

There are numerous other components that improve the effectiveness and functionality of Anaerobic Digesters and are integral to the PlanET design.

PlanET Technical Container

The PlanET Technical Container is a prefabricated 40’ container with a compact footprint to facilitate easy and cost-effective onsite installation. Enclosed are the critical ancillary components of the digester system:

PlanET Vario Dry Feeder

PlanET’s Vario Dry Feeder introduces solid substrates into the digester. It plays a crucial role in supplying the digester with a consistent and controlled feedstock to optimize the biogas production process while requiring minimal energy. The feeder is distinguished by its modularity and patented conveyor rails that ensure even discharge of the material so it can be sized to suit your application.