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Solutions for Manure and Organic Waste Streams

With over 25 years of global experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to meet the needs of our clients. Our strengths include engineered, high-quality and reliable technology, standard and customized solutions, innovative ideas and design, biological, technical and commissioning services.  PlanET focuses on providing sustainable biogas solutions tailored to waste from a wide array of organic residues including the agricultural, food, industrial, and organics sectors. Even more difficult to process input streams from slaughterhouse, ethanol and other related organic waste can be processed successfully in one of our facilities. As we like to say … it all starts with the feedstock. .

In the biogas industry, feedstock is the organic material that is used to produce biogas through a biological process called Anaerobic Digestion. The suitability of feedstock depends on factors such as  energy content, moisture content, carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, organic loading and ease of digestion by microorganisms. Some feedstocks are readily available, others may require pre-treatment or de-packaging to improve their digestibility.

Understanding the feedstock in the biogas industry is crucial to consider the overall biological health of the Anaerobic Digestion process, to determine the quantity and quality of biogas produced and to manage the resultant digestate.

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It’s gratifying to see a project reach successful completion. We work hard to deliver on our promises, achieve project goals and exceed client expectations.