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At PlanET Biogas, we take pride in our Biogas Plant commissioning services, a crucial step in ensuring the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of biogas facilities. Commissioning is a critical phase in the development of Anaerobic Digestion, CHP and RNG upgrader systems to ensure they operate as intended and meet output, performance, reliability and safety standards. The commissioning team at PlanET has extensive expertise in this field and ensures all work is completed according to commissioning schedules, equipment O&M manuals and engineering documentation to ensure efficient plant start-up.

PlanET can also provide training to onsite staff to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to operate and maintain Anaerobic Digester, CHP and RNG upgrader systems effectively and safely. In addition, the team can assist with the preparation and organization of all necessary documentation, including operation manuals, maintenance schedules, SOPs and safety procedures.

Once completed, we will formally handover the Anaerobic Digester, CHP & RNG upgrader plant to the owner and operator. PlanET also offers ongoing technical support and maintenance services to ensure the biogas plant continues to perform optimally throughout its operational life.

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Commissioning Services vary by project but often include:

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