Use organic resources sustainably


Process optimization with biogas

Generate your own renewable energy, reduce the amount of waste to be disposed, achieve significant energy savings and improve your carbon footprint with a biogas plant from PlanET.

As an all-in-one provider for the planning, approval, construction and technical and biological support of biogas plants, we are well acquainted with all processes in the area of waste recycling. With our extensive biological know-how, we develop individual concepts for the generation of renewable energy for you, which you can either market or use them for yourself – in the form of electricity, heat, biomethane or fuel. At the same time, you benefit from a reduction in the amount of organic waste to be disposed of. Minimising or at least keeping waste disposal charges constant is the additional desired effect. By using organic resources sustainably, you also achieve significant energy savings, an improvement in your carbon footprint and a reduction in emissions and odours. Our promise: We advise you in detail and support you personally from the very beginning – from project planning to construction and commissioning of your biogas plant. As a globally positioned company, we take over the complete project engineering and ensure smooth approval planning.
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Your benefits at a glance

More energy security

Make yourself independent: Use biogas for your own production and use of energy or for feeding into the public electricity or gas grid.

Better sustainability

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions: With biogas you achieve noticeable energy savings and a better carbon footprint.

Closed loop

Support the circular economy: Generate your own biogas from waste materials and process water.

Secure recycling

Benefit from the secure further use of existing waste materials: This results in significantly low or perhaps no disposal costs.

all-in-one provider

Full service from the beginning

We support you with personal full service and high-quality all-in-one solutions. Thanks to the many years of experience of our teams, we implement your orders quickly, flexibly and customer-oriented. Your personal project manager supports you in all details – from the first idea to the successful realisation of your biogas plant and beyond.
Consultancy & design
We focus on the safe and economical operation of your biogas plant. That is why detailed advice is particularly important to us: We take the time to listen actively and to question the requirements. Only when we know your requirements will we develop individual concepts that are exactly tailored to your situation. This is the only way to achieve the best possible efficiency of your plant.
Planning of permits
For fast procedures and short decision-making paths, we support you in all permit planning – from the official permit for the new construction or extension of your biogas plant to applications in the areas of building law, the German Immission Control Act or permits according to water protection regulations. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with authorities, we answer your questions quickly and professionally.
Plant construction
Sustainability, efficiency – e.g. by short construction times – and optimal technology are paramount in the design of your plant. We not only use sustainable building practices and state-of-the-art control software, but also take current trends and technologies into account. A lead engineer from PlanET will accompany you on site during the entire construction phase. For a smooth expert inspection, you will receive a detailed documentation.
You can rely on our full service at any time – from planning to completion. For an optimal start, you will receive a detailed technical briefing and we will also create plans with which you can reach full load operation as quickly as possible. Later, we will also support you in the ongoing optimisation of your plant, both biologically and technically – for the best possible biogas yield. Our other services include the professional maintenance of your plant as well as support for expert inspection.
We are happy to keep you up to date with our training courses in various areas. In addition to operation training, we also regularly offer lectures on current topics with changing speakers. In addition, we invite you to “Open Plant Day” as well as excursions to present new products and enable a regular exchange through the networking of plant operators.
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Category III meat waste: Residues of animal tissue, municipal residues such as bio-waste, green waste and garden waste or sewage sludge (primary and secondary sludge) as well as food residues or organic residues from industrial production are suitable for recycling in a biogas plant.

Since the existing waste materials are not easy to treat, each biogas plant must be individually adapted to the substrates.

In Germany, waste materials with an energy content of up to 74 PJ per year are used for biogas production. Of these, animal excrement accounts for the largest proportion, followed by industrial and municipal residues. Straw has a relatively small proportion of 0.4 PJ per year.