Alberta, Canada

Skymar Biogas (formerly Lethbridge Biogas LP)


Skyline Energy


CHP electrical output: 2.85 MWe, Annual RNG Production Capacity ~330,000 MMBTUs (~350,000 GJs)


Cow, hog & poultry manure, slaughterhouse wastes, food waste, fats, oils & greases (FOG), whey and potato residuals

Technical data

Feeding technology: 1 PlanET Vario dry feeder, 1 PlanET eco® flow liquid feeding system

Pre-tanks: 2 PlanET pre-storage tanks (0.325 Mgal / 1,231m3), 1 PlanET buffer tank (80 kgal / 300m3)

Digester: 3 PlanET Anaerobic Digesters (1.04 Mgal / 3,927 m3 each)

Digestate Storage: 1 PlanET gas tight storage tank (1.49 Mgal / 5,655 m3)

CHP: 2 x 1.425 MWe CHPs (2G), equipped with Natural Gas & Biogas fuel-blending technology

RNG Expansion in 2021

RNG Upgrader Technology: PlanET STATERON P-Series Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Biogas Upgrading: 1,190 scfm/1,920 Nm3/h