Königs Pflanzenenergie GmbH & Co. KG


Daniel Königs


Mostly horse manure
Chicken manure
Corn silage

Technical data

Digester: Ø 23 m; 2,492 m³ with wall and floor heating

Agitators: 1 paddle Gigant, 2x submersible agitators

Secondary fermenter: Ø 21 m; 2,078 m³ with wall and floor heating, gas tank

Agitators: 2x submersible motor agitator

Fermentation residue storage: available (Ø 29 m, 3.995m³) CHP (until 2010): 2 x 250 kW el

Ignition jet engine in the machine house

Biomethane treatment: treatment capacity of 500m³ by amine scrubbing, gas flow rate of 500Nm³ raw biogas/hour

Special features: The CO₂ savings potential is up to 8,700 tons of CO₂, which is equivalent to the emissions of approx. 3,500 passenger cars, the binding capacity of 670 ha of forest (Neuss district 660 ha of forest, source WZ newspaper) or the CO₂ footprint of 980 people in Germany.