Agitator technology from PlanET

Diverse technical solutions for every substrate mixture

Homogenously mixed fermentation substrate is the basis for a stable biology and ensures the overall efficiency of your biogas plant. Our diverse technology solutions are always oriented to the respective substrate mixture and are ideal for targeted repowering.

PlanET eco® agitators

For an efficient biogas plant, the agitator technology must be optimally adapted to the container size and the input materials. The patented? PlanET eco® agitator series offers you all proven agitator technologies: from the submersible motor via the PlanET eco® powermix to the paddle agitator. Energy-efficient, durable and low-wear.

PlanET eco® mix

  • connected power: 7.5 kW
  • high thrust of 3,000 N
  • 1.4 m paddle diameter
  • laterally and height adjustable
  • bacteria-friendly, slow stirring and avoidance of sinking layers

PlanET eco® turbo

  • connected power: 5.5 kW (for installation in the reception pit) and 13 kW
  • effectively dissolves floating layers by a 2,500 N thrust
  • high speed runner with 87 cm paddle diameter
  • flexible use, laterally and height adjustable

RePowering agitators for more yield

Agitators play a key role if you want to increase the overall efficiency of your biogas plant. The investment in new agitator technology is particularly worthwhile for older existing systems.