Feeding technology from PlanET

Powerful, adaptable and durable

The continuous supply of your substrate to the digester is crucial for efficient plant operation. Our feeding technology is powerful, robust, adaptable and characterised by a long service life.

PlanET Vario

The PlanET Vario allows you to transport chopped renewable raw materials, solid manure, feed residues and solid co-substrates directly into the digester. The modular system offers containers from 11 to 120 m³, which you can also expand later. Thanks to the Vario conveyor technology, the system works particularly energy-saving and low-wear. The conveyors are made entirely of stainless steel, individually driven and equipped with side flaps so that substrates can be conveyed effectively.


PlanET BioMix

The PlanET BioMix is a special feeding technique that crushes and mixes substrates such as renewable raw materials and manure in advance. By using one frequency converter and one motor per mixing screw, you can adjust them to the input material and minimize energy consumption. The mixing pan is made of stainless steel as standard in the corrosion-prone area. This ensures a long service life and reliability.


PlanET BigMix

The PlanET BigMix is an efficient solution for dissolving difficult substrates, such as manure. The combination of pushing bottom and mixing screw ensures reliable crushing and mixing. The best results are obtained with a mixture of 100 percent manure and grass. Containers with a width of 3 m and a volume of 80 and 110 m³ are available. All components that come into contact with the substrate are made of stainless steel. The lid of the BigMix can be opened hydraulically, for this an optional remote control is available. The hydraulics and control of the base unit are included in the standard package.


PlanET PreMix

The PlanET PREMIX is a feeding technique that is used in conjunction with the PlanET BigMix(V ) or PlanET Vario. The PREMIX is equipped with different components to enable efficient processing of the substrate. Optionally, you can add a mixing chamber and a debris removal system (DRS). The DRS consists of a hydraulic piston with a hydraulic slide, which pushes heavy materials such as stones into a closed box.