Gas upgrading/gas drying from PlanET

Reliable processes for improved biogas quality

Our processes for drying and desulphurisation of biogas provide you with optimal gas quality for the transport of the raw biogas as well as for recycling in your CHP plant. From integrated modules to compact container designs: We have the right solution for your business!

Our solutions

Biogas contains large amounts of water vapour. To prevent condensate formation and increase the efficiency of biogas in CHP plants, water vapour must be removed from the gas by drying. This is done by lowering the temperature to the dew point. With cooling, the moisture in the gas condenses. After gas drying, the biogas is cleaned from hydrogen sulphide by means of an activated carbon filter and reheated so that it cannot condense again. PlanET offers gas drying in the performance classes 40 m³/h, 160 m³/h, 300 m³/h and 500 m³/h. Further performance classes on request. We supply the gas drying and cleaning units as a framework solution or as compact container solutions.

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