Pumps and distributors from PlanET

Powerful solutions for individual requirements

For pumpable substrates with different flowabilities, we offer pumping techniques whose performance characteristics are oriented to your specific flow rates and piping systems. In this way, material flows are transported safely and conceptually.

PlanET compact distributor

The PlanET compact distributor is a modularly built pump distributor. It consists of a distributor block, a rotary piston pump and corresponding shut-off valves (manual or pneumatic industrial material valves). To measure the material flows, you can install a flow meter, which is available separately. With the rotary piston pump -suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation- you can suck substrate from three to six containers and pump it accordingly into up to 5 containers. By means of a later extension for the connection of additional containers, we create a pump concept adapted to each plant.


PlanET Pumps

PlanET eco® pumpmix

Efficient and impervious: The PlanET eco® pumpmix unit is a centrifugal pump that can be installed in the reception pit for direct and optimal feeding of the digester. The conveying capacity is up to 80 m³/h.

PlanET rotary piston pump

Proven and easy to maintain: Rotary pistons are widely used. PlanET supplies pumps from 30 to 90 m³/h. Due to their design, rotary piston pumps are suitable for thin liquid substrates or shorter piping paths.

PlanET progressive cavity pump

Higher pressures, longer operating life: Progressive cavity pumps have a longer sealing distance in the pump housing and therefore apply higher pressure in the long term. PlanET supplies pumps from 20 to 70 m³/h.