Roof structures from PlanET

Variable gas filling levels for flexible electricity production

Your gas storage system is of key importance for economic efficiency. As an elementary component of your gas management system, our roof structures enable variable gas fill levels and thus flexible electricity production.

PlanET eco® coverG

The PlanET eco® coverG is an improved technical solution for coarse desulphurisation of biogas. The plastic mesh has an open-pore design. In the event of an overhaul, liquids or foam penetrate more easily through the fabric without further weighing it down. The open-pore structure also allows liquid nutrients to be sprayed onto the desulphurisation tissue. The PlanET eco® jet helps the natural desulphurising bacteria to “vaccinate”. By combining the PlanET eco® coverG with the PlanET eco® jet, the raw biogas is desulphurised even more intensively and reliably.


Air-supported roofs

PlanET Flexstore XL / PlanET Flexstore XXL

The central technology component for demand-oriented electricity production is the gas storage system. Particularly, flexible operation with one or more CHP plants requires variable volume flows – despite constant gas production. Therefore, to participate in the demand-oriented electricity market, gas storage systems that enable variable gas fill levels are absolutely necessary. PlanET offers you two state-of-the-art technical solutions: The PlanET Flexstore XL or XXL is a double-walled air-supported roof that covers your digester or digestate storage gas-tight and under the highest safety criteria. The PlanET eco® gas battery is a perfect choice especially for existing plants where you do not plan to expand the slurry storage capacity. As a gas storage system installed on the ground, the PlanET eco® gas battery ensures profit-oriented gas recovery due to its additional storage volume. The weather protection membrane is dust grey as standard and thus integrates optimally into the environment. Other colours are available on request.