Biogas Neuhardenberg GmbH


Biogas Neuhardenberg GmbH


Duck manure
Silage corn
Circulate digestate

Technical data

Technical data:
2 digesters (Ø 30 m; height 8 m; 5654 m³) incl. wall and floor heating,
PlanET eco® cover, supporting air roof/PlanET Flexstore XL as gas storage tank

Agitators per tank: 2 PlanET eco® paddles, 2 rod mix agitators, 2 PlanET eco® mixes

2 fermentation product storage tanks: (Ø 35 m; height 8 m; 7,697 m³) incl. PlanET eco® cover, PlanET Flexstore XL

Agitators per tank: 2 PlanET eco® turbo, 2 PlanET eco® mix

Feeding system: 2 MultiRotor Vario 120 m³ Equipment “manure/grass plus

Special features: PlanET Gorator, PlanET Separator

Biomethane treatment: 350 Nm³/h by means of 3-stage membrane process