Increase efficiency from PlanET

Increased efficiency through optimised biogas production

PlanET separators are suitable for system integration, either at the slurry or digestate storage. Depending on the desired application, the separation improves the substrate properties, and reduces volumes or floating layers in the digestate storage.


The process developed by PlanET ensures a more stable biology in the digester by concentrating and controlling the return of the nutrient-containing substances. The RETICTOR® can be mounted directly on the wall of your digester or post-digester without much effort.

PlanET Separator

The separator has a MultiDisc for sealing, which reliably prevents breakage. With the help of the pump connected on the side of the filtered matter, the effluent (= filtrate) can be pumped directly back into the digester for dilution. Alternatively, it is also possible to connect a second container, for example as a filtrate pipe into the fermenter or into the fermentation storage. A self-sufficient control system regulates the interaction between pump and separator – including any existing shut-off valve.


PlanET Separator local

The PlanET Separator local is suitable for remote installation from the digester or post-digester. The substrate is fed to the separator with a controlled pump. Distances of more than 25 m are possible.

PlanET Separator